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Integrated Solid Waste Processing

 Recycling, Gasification, and

 Waste-to-Energy Power Generation Projects

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Affordable, Efficient, Modern Adaptations of

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 from the Indian Institute of Science IISc). 

Biomass to Electricity via the Gasification/Engine Generator Set Route    


Projects in operation

  • Existing 1 MWe grid-connected Independent Power Project running on 100% wood producer gas for 10 Years with 85%+ plant availability.  Engines with over 80,000 hours of runtime on 100% producer gas. Cummins Gensets.


 Woodgas projects in Switzerland with GE Jenbacher.   IISc is working with GE on a portfolio of projects that involve wood and crop waste  feedstocks worldwide where GE will guarantee the peformance of the IISc gasifier/genset system. 


Cummins manufactures a line of producer gas engines designed specifically for use with IISc open topped gasifier.


Distributed Waste-to-Energy 

Economical from 50 kW to 20MW (if built in farms

as shown below). Economical at smaller capacities where purpose-built steam-electric power cannot be justified - 

Landfills - Commercial Retailers - Industrial Facilities 

10 MW farm of 1 MW units requires 1 acre of ground excluding feedstock delivery, storage and preparation areas


The average U.S. landfill takes-in 125,000 tons of raw waste per year - enough to support a 5 MWe waste to energy project. This is an economic undertaking for the gasification/genset conversion route, but not for steam-electrc conversion.  IISc technology allows development of a class of waste to energy projects that is not developed now because an economical conversion technology has not been available. 

IISc's System Changes All That

Waste to Energy Projects for the average landfill, large consumer retailer and many industrial facilities are Now Technically and Financially Feasible 


Tar and Particulate Concentrations in treated gas are below the limits of detection using IISc treatment skid designs. 


IISc Downdraft gasifier and gas conditioning system  Chilled Water Scrubber with design based on fuel mixing system in a liquid-fueled  rocket was the breakthrough technology that resulted in ultra clean gas. 

Air in at (R ) in diagram above, and through inclined air nozzles through gasifier walls

Design also includes an adjustable speed screw auger-type ash extraction system

Traditional Downdraft Gasifier Design - Note small Combustion

                          Zone Compared to   IISc Design shown above.

Non-incineration Technologies backed by Brand-Name Manufacturers

trusted by the Municipal Services and Financial Communities


Cost Competitive with Landfill Disposal


Turnkey and Build-Own-Operate Projects


Portfolio of Projects in the US


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